Road Repair Workshop

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Loose Chain Bike Co.

July 3, 2017 2pm-5pm

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Heading out of town on a bike trip is one of the best ways to enjoy summer weather and the great outdoors! Get down some road repair basics to become a more confident cyclist, and learn skills that you can apply to your daily commute all year-round. What we will cover:

  • Prepping for distance rides
  • Learn more about parts and components
  • How to patch, or change a tube
  • Tips for biking on busy roads
  • Bike maintenance for wet conditions
  • Tire tread pros and cons


Anyone with an interest in touring or distance cycling


Road Repair Workshop


483 Queen Street West


July 3, 2017


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Loose Chain Bike Co. specializes in the needs of the downtown Toronto bike commuter. With our network of 16 repair shops scattered throughout the city core, we do everything from spring tune-ups to emergency troubleshooting.

Because of our vast number of locations, we can guarantee same day servicing and delivery to the location that’s most convenient for you. Through workshops and community events, we want to empower casual Toronto cyclists with strategies for safe urban biking, all year around.


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Workshop Reviews

Photo of Ryan McLaren

“Who wants to be stuck in the city all summer long? I don’t like feeling stuck downtown when I know my bike can take me to some many interesting places. This workshop armed me with everything I needed to tackle the open road on my own. Smell ya later, city traffic.”

—Ryan McLaren

Photo of Samantha Island

“I always wanted to take my bike out of town and explore more of Ontario – it’s such a beautiful province! After attending the road repair workshop last summer, I feel knowledgable about my bike and more confident to take on adventurous rides!”

—Samantha Island